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The time to begin your healing journey is now! Break free from the long-lasting effects (LLEs) of trauma including playing small, self-sabotage, and hurting loved ones. Take a bold step today into your healing journey and Acknowledge your trauma. I believe ignoring it is doing you more harm than good. Remember hurt people, hurt people but healed people, heal people. 

The benefits of healing your trauma wounds will reach across all parts of your life. This is without a doubt, living your BEST life! It is time to unveil the spectacular being you were destined to be. Your world is waiting and your time is now.


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If you have not healed or acknowledged your trauma you are most likely sabotaging yourself and hurting those around you, mostly yourself. I know you’re busy, but this is the most important, life changing work you’ll ever do to ensure the rest of your life is your BEST life!

You are most likely unaware how your own trauma is preventing you from living your most idealistic reality. You have kept your healing at bay with dismissive statements like “I’m fine” (hint: you’re probably not). Do you believe you don’t have time? Even worse, are are waiting to hit the proverbial “rock bottom”?

I will meet you where you are. There’s no time to delay. I’ll provide you with the tools and resources in one convenient location so you don’t have to worry about falling through the rabbit hole of Google for the best tools to help you heal. Through community, you’ll feel connected to others on a similar journey so you’re never alone. It’s time to drop the shame and share your story of healing and victory!

"This activity has sparked a passion in me to care for myself more, so I can care to the best of my ability for patients and their families"

Jarell K.


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speaker | author | mental health advocate

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MacDana Seleçon, also known as Mac and founder of MacDana Speaks where she guides individuals in sharing their stories so they can identify barriers to growth professionally. The long-lasting effects (LLEs) trauma have on everyday life are what interest her most because it is something people often struggle with without recognition or support from loved ones around them who don’t understand how much these events affect one’s mental health over time

Mac really believes in the power of storytelling and it’s therapeutic effect. She has a message for people in all walks of life. She enjoys sharing with students, educators, corporations, religious groups and professionals.

MacDana’s vulnerability through storytelling, leaves audiences transformed and empowered to grow beyond glass ceilings.




“This is the story of a remarkable young woman determined to heal her broken soul. It is a story of incredible strength and faith. A must read!”


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