Kissing In The Church

a memoir

The raw and heartbreaking story of a Haitian-American young woman, neglected by her parents, sexually molested as a child, determined to be healed, goes on a journey of self-discovery and forgiveness.

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“I am a rag doll and I belong to a deranged owner. She drags me from place to place in search of the wind. She squeezes me till my eyes bulge out. She bends me in search of her spine. She pulls me as she falls apart. She shakes me as her foundation rocks. She screams but I can only stare. She pours her tears in my hair. She cries until I drown. She smiles and puts me down. I am a rag doll and I belong to a deranged owner.”

Customer Reviews


"kissing in the church"

“This is the story of a remarkable young woman determined to heal her broken soul. It is a story of incredible strength and faith. A must read!”

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