Mon ami(e)

(my friend)

Do you have a story to tell? A heavy one? But where do you begin?

Sharing stories of trauma can be difficult for both the survivor and the listener. However, don’t let that be a barrier to your healing. Storytelling is a POWERFUL and free healing tool. I’m all about a deal.

Considering the price tag of a great therapist, why not!

I am super excited about “The Story Carousel!” Check out its five spinning parts.

Your name and all the cool chapeaux (hats) you wear so (air quotes) effortlessly.
The Story

A small portion of the trauma story. Imagine taking a snapshot.


The LLEs (Long-Lasting Effects)

Pull out the direct or indirect LLE related to the traumatic event.

Your Story
Share something about your healing journey.
Your Truth
Key takeaway related to your story.

Don’t forget to send 3 or more great pics of you, and a fav quote (if you have one). Most
importantly, share your favorite book, song, or movie.

Note: Before I share your story with my amazing friend list, it will need your complete approval.
Check out the stories below!

Thank you for sharing your story here. It is an honor and a privilege.

With so much love,

Ready to share your story?

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