“This activity has sparked a passion in me to care for myself more, so I can care to the best of my ability for patients and their families"
“Thank you for being so real. You are an inspiration!”

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MacDana Seleçon, also known as Mac, founded MacDana Speaks, LLC, where she guides individuals to share their stories of trauma to identify barriers of growth in professional life, relationships, education and holistic health. Mac shares her personal stories of adversity to demonstrate the long-lasting effects of trauma in everyday life.

Mac believes storytelling is a therapeutic tool which provides insight to limiting patterns. She has a message for people in all walks of life. She enjoys sharing with students, educators, corporations, religious groups and professionals.

MacDana is a healthcare provider in the Bay area. She holds a Bachelors in Health Care Administration, Master’s Degree in Nursing with a focus in clinical nurse leadership and is currently earning a Doctoral of Nurse Practice in Psychiatric Nursing.

Mac authored “Kissing in the Church: A memoir.” An Amazon Bestseller!

MacDana’s vulnerability through storytelling, leaves audiences transformed and empowered to grow beyond glass ceilings.

Speaking Topics

Activate Resilience

Mac will share true stories which demonstrate how to
identify burnout signs in the body, how to be vulnerable
within your community and build resilience. She will reveal
everyday tips to overcome the unexpected curve balls of life.
This talk is refreshing and timely!


Mac will talk about the elephant in the room while revealing
her own implicit biases. She will share personal stories of
victim and villain surrounding diversity and inclusion. At the
end of this talk your team will find themselves taking a closer
look at implicit biases and where do they really come from.


Mac will lay it all out on the table including her dynamic
childhood story and its long-lasting effects in her adult life.
She will teach the art of storytelling for therapy.


Mac will share her manifestation journey with you. Story after
story about making goals and reaching them. She will teach
your team how to design vision boards with intention. Bring a
pen and paper and get ready to be inspired!!!


“INCREDIBLE stories!”

“Thank you to Mac for being so vulnerable and sharing her story. Very IMPACTFUL!

“Thank you for sharing your story with us today. I was not prepared for your VULNERABILITY and the emotions it would rise in me. Tears streamed several times today. You have given me new hope and gratitude to become healthy. God is good.”

“MacDana, I listened to you present at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis a few weeks ago and wanted to let you know how truly AMAZING you are. You inspired me so much and I just wanted to thank you! Thank you for being you, thank you for the laughs, thank you for reminding me of the WHY!
– Megan S.

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